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“Prior to using ClickTime, our team was only capturing roughly $500K a year in project work. Since we have implemented the solution, we are now capturing $1M+ a year!”

—Taylor Smith, Sr. IT Business Operations, PMO Analyst at Cole Haan

What is Employee Utilization?

For organizations that bill for their time, utilization rates reflect the percent of employee time that is billable. For nonprofits and others, utilization is a measurement of time spent on mission-critical work vs. administrative activities.

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“Understanding staff utilization trends is the most important metric on my firm's profitability. ClickTime empowers each employee to manage their own workloads.”

—Barbara Bates, CEO at Eastwick PR

Next-Level Employee Productivity All the Utilization Reports You’ll Ever Need

Which teams have the highest utilization rates? Are some projects weighed down by too many non-billable hours? How much does this cost the department? ClickTime’s utilization reports and dashboards help you measure, understand, and improve utilization rates.

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“The utilization reports in ClickTime provide a great high-level overview to our executive team. We're really happy with the results we've seen from ClickTime.”

—Justin Pritchard, Controller at the Near East Foundation

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Never Overservice Again Bill More Hours

Low utilization rates help you understand if your team is overstaffed, working on unassigned projects, or overservicing clients. These easy insights help managers reduce out-of-scope, non-billable hours and ensure that employees are making the best use of their available hours.

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“We're able to understand employee capacity and utilization, and armed with actionable data, make better decisions about how we run our business.”

—Sarah McGeary, Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Nectar PR

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Empower Your Team Make It Easy for Employees to Monitor Utilization Goals

Employees deserve more than a place to enter their time. They need easy tools to help them hit their billing goals. That’s why we offer simple employee dashboards to your team. Dashboards that highlight real-time daily progress, reducing your need to micromanage and reminding employees of what they need to do to stay on target.

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“ClickTime is invaluable. By improving how well we understand and manage our resources, we can run a more efficient business for the benefit of both clients and staff.”

—David Marsden, Director at Wildfire PR

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Make Every Minute Count Get More Out of Your Non-Billable Hours

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Not all non-billable time is equal. Recruiting, onboarding, team building and more play a critical role in your organization’s success, even though they typically cannot be billed to a client or funding source. For your employees with low utilization rates, do you know how they are spending their non-billable time? Were they they performing valuable, non-billable work for the company? Or perhaps they were over-servicing customers? Is it possible that they were not assigned enough work or the wrong type of work? We’ve built dozens of reports to help you answer these questions and manage non-billable time.

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“With ClickTime we instantly know how many hours we have available versus how many we have allocated to any particular client assignment. We’ve been able to allocate employee time much more effectively to ensure we are delivering quality services to our clients within budget.”

—Rob Buhler, Chairman at MMI Public Relations