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Supercharge Your Team Easy Timesheets. Powerful Features.


Track Time

Easily track employee hours, time off, expenses — whatever you need to run your business. Get started with a simple mobile app or integrate ClickTime with your existing systems.


Manage Time

Plan, approve, and budget employee time with ease. Manage projects, understand employee availability, and make smarter management decisions from anywhere in the world.


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Gain new insights into your organization and answer the toughest questions about your business. Dive into nearly 100 pre-built reports or create custom dashboards built for your team.

More Than a Time Tracker Time Tracking That Drives Performance

We are constantly creating easy ways for your team to track time, expenses, and budgets. Whether you are an agency, a nonprofit, an IT firm, or a consulting group — or you manufacture hardware, write software, or build bridges (literal or otherwise), we make it easy to record employee hours and more.

Welcome to Hour World An Easy Time Tracker for Everyone

It's not enough to just track employee hours. We automatically record employee costs, billing rates (when applicable), acrrued time off, and virtually anything you need to run a better business. Our time tracker is available online, on your phone, or through Google Calendar or Chrome.

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Let’s Make Your Job Easier Take the Stress Out of Managing Employee Time

We’ve spent nearly 20 years building a time tracker that is smart, intuitive, and fully supports your business’ unique budgeting needs. Whatever you goals — reducing costs, increasing billable hours, automating processes — we’ve got you covered.

A Time Tracker for Your Employees Powerful Tools for Your Managers

For being such an important part of your organization, managers don't always get the tools they need to excel. That's why we've built an easy interface for managing budgets, employee time, project performance, and more.

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Understand, Optimize, and Predict Take Your Business to the Next Level

We’ve helped thousands of organizations improve operations, reduce administrative costs, and maximize profitability. Our reports surface the information that matters most to your organization. We make it easy to forecast, benchmark, and exceed expectations.

A Time Tracker with Deep Insights Take the Guesswork out of Managing Your Business

ClickTime metrics dashboard

Which clients are the most profitable? How accurate are your project cost estimates? Are you properly staffed to take on new clients? We'll help you answer the most important questions about your business — so you can more effectively manage and grow your team.