Time tracking tips and tricks from ClickTime experts.

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6 Proven Ways to Get Referrals Without Asking for Them

One major consequence of the internet has been the proliferation of choice, in all arenas. Remember when you walked into clothing stores and picked out what was on the shelf? How quaint. Looking for a new kind of toothpaste? Here are 75!

When it comes to material objects, figuring out what you need can usually be done through online reviews. For services, however, the currency is still the personal reference. Think about it: when you need a service, would you...

Automation Life Hacks You Can’t Live Without

We've all seen those DIY projects. We've also seen those fail utmost miserably (see below).

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Tips for Tracking Time in Google Calendar

When the great minds of the 20th century made their predictions about the future, none of them said, "there will be time tracking in Google!" Were they short sighted? Perhaps.

While we agree that tracking time in GCal (that's what the cool kids call it) is nowhere near as important as some of, say, Arthur C. Clarke's predictions about the future, that doesn't mean timesheet integrations with Google Calendar aren't a big deal.

Tracking time in Google...

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8 Ways to Manage Difficult Clients

If you’re running any kind of service agency, you can probably rank your clients on a nice chart: at the top there’s “A joy to work with” and at the bottom there’s “Break out in hives just from hearing their name.”

Unfortunately, difficult clients are an unavoidable fact of life. There are, however, some tried-and-true methods of dealing with them, which allows you to keep their business while maintaining your sanity.

Don’t Say Yes (Unless It Make Sense)

If you’ve got...

Meetings are Killing Your Productivity

We all get the feeling: "Wow, I didn't accomplish anything today except attend 10 different meetings--my productivity is shot!"

It turns out you may be more right than you know. In fact, one of the easiest ways to increase workplace efficiency may be to decrease the amount of time you and your company spend in...

Product Announcement: ClickTimeFit

ClickTimeFit is a revolution in time tracking technology. Merging ease and simplicity with innovative hardware, ClickTime has devised all-new ways to input time and expenses that are ideally suited for a career on the go. It's a world of possibilities in a slim wristband weighing just under 1.9 pounds. It's uniquely you, yet quintessentially ClickTime.


Business Continuity Disasters

Here at ClickTime, we know that plans don't always go the way they should. Unforeseen and unthinkable events happen. Services we take for granted can suddenly stop: electricity, running water, telephones--even the internet. That's why we create contingency plans that take the unforeseen into consideration.

Just as any airplane pilot has procedures for handling emergencies like engine failure, so should everyone have contingency plans in case of a...

Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2015

For our U.S. customers, we want to let you know that the IRS announced the federal mileage reimbursement rates for 2015. As of January 1, 2015, the federal mileage reimbursement rate will increase to 57.5 cents per mile (see the IRS announcement for details).

We recommend that you verify your company's mileage reimbursement rate is set correctly in ClickTime.

Mastering Cloud Integration

We use dozens of cloud-based tools here in the offices of ClickTime as well as in our personal lives. Sometimes, these applications play well together and easily integrate and talk to one another, but more often than not, these systems are completely separate with no simple integration options among them.

Integrations are The New Black is a great primer to both understanding the automation business and integrating the cloud-based applications you already use: Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks Online,...

Get One-Click Access from Google Chrome

You can now easily access ClickTime from Google Chrome by adding us to your Apps page. Follow the three simple steps below.

1) Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for ClickTime. You should see the following:


2) Click...