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    ClickTime - Feature Overview

    See all the features offered at ClickTime, from basic time entry to timesheet submission and more!

    ClickTime Feature Overview

    How To Use the Resource Planning Suite in Web Timesheet

    Compare up-to-the-second estimated job values with actual job values

    ClickTime Estimates online timesheets

    Top Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Does ClickTime keep track of time that has been/has not been exported to QuickBooks® 2010 for invoicing?

    Yes. Both the "ClickTime Connector for Use with QuickBooks®" and "QuickBooks® Time Export" tools include labeling features that help organize and track data synchronization into your QuickBooks® application. View Video Help.

    Q2. Can I create time estimates for Jobs in ClickTime? Then can I later compare them to actual values in real-time?

    Yes. The Job detail page allows you to enter a value for estimated job hours. Our "Job Section : Job Estimate Comparison" report provides managers and administrators with a detailed real-time breakdown of estimated versus actual hours.

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