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The most effective way to manage employee time

Staff Smarter

Rob Buhler resource planning testimonial

"With Clicktime we instantly know how many hours we have available versus how many we have allocated to any particular client assignment."

—Rob Buhler, Chairman at MMI Public Relations

Meet Your Operational Goals

We make it easy to plan employee hours, increase utilization, understand hiring needs, and maximize profitability — all at the same time.

resource planning grid

Our interactive resource planning dashboard understands billing rates, employee vacation time, project budgets, and so much more. It’s a real-time window into your business — and your secret weapon against overservicing, scope creep, and runaway project costs.

Eve Luppert resource planning testimonial

"ClickTime allows us to be more agile and responsive to client needs, changes to the budget, or even make decisions on whether we need to hire more full-time or contract employees."

—Eve Luppert, Vice President of HR and Operations at Salt Branding

Utilization Calculator Resource Planning Means Doing More with What You Have

How much more could you be billing?




By reducing over-servicing, more efficiently managing projects, and proactively allocating resources, your business can be more profitable than ever before!

Increase in Utilization Rate


Number of Employees


Average Billing Rate


Maximize Profitability — No Matter How You Bill

Long-term contracts. One-off projects. Lifetime budgets. Monthly retainers. Any way you bill your hours, we can help you do so as efficiently as possible.

Retainer-Based Billing

Gain real-time insights into your monthly retainers, so you can stop over-servicing before it begins! Quickly understand which retainers are profitable, which are not, and what you need to do to make sure every project is in the black. Through our interactive resource planning dashboard, you can see the hours and dollars allocated against future time, and monitor projects as the budget is worked.

resource planning by month

Hourly Billing

Understand exactly who is available to work on projects, accounting for employee time off and sick leave leave. Monitor and manage overtime costs, predict project profitability, and easily manage billable versus non-billable hours.

resource planning by hour

Project-Based Billing

Resource planning allows you to effectively manage your burn rate. As your employees work on a project, the budget is reduced in real time. We make it easy to ensure the right employees — with the right billing rates — are working on the right projects. Whether you need a high-level overview of any engagement, or want to drill down to see what a particular job or project component is costing your organization, the answers you need are immediately available.

resource planning by project

Real-time Performance Focus on Strategy — Not Spreadsheets

There’s only so much time in the day, and each project requires the right level of engagement to deliver on your campaign goals. ClickTime helps you balance everything: employee hours, employee availability, project budgets, employee billing rates, estimates, actuals, employee costs to the business, utilization rates, and more.

resource planning ecosystem

All the Features You Need to Plan and Manage Employee Resources

Whether you are a PR firm, a marketing agency, a nonprofit, or a consulting group, resource planning will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively. But it's not just for you. We've created timesheets that reflect goals and remaining hours back to your employees — helping them stay on budget and reducing the amount of time you need to spend policing your team.

Jason Van Driesche headshot

"We found the budgeting and estimation we were looking for in ClickTime's Resource Planning tool. Even though we have complex grant allocations and contributions coming from a wide variety of funding sources, ClickTime kept us on budget."

—Jason Van Driesche, Deputy Director at Local Motion


Employee Insights

Understand your team like never before

  • See who is available to take on new client work
  • Understand what your employees are working on now
  • Set and manage utilization and billing goals

Plan Employee Hours

It’s never been this easy to allocate employee time

  • Automatically apply the correct billing rate
  • Plan time for the current or future months
  • Hours are automatically reduced from available employee time — including time off

Easy-to-Use Project Views

Get a real-time window into your projects

  • Available budget
  • Understaffed/overstaffed jobs
  • Overallocated employees
  • Employees with hours left to allocate
  • Employees with billable goals not met by planned hours

Project Budgeting

Maximize profitability and increase utilization

  • Plan employee resources against any type of budget
  • Time entry includes employee billing rate
  • Bill by employee, by role, by project, by activity — or create exceptions
  • Set employee billing or utilization goals

In-Depth Reporting

Answer the most important questions about your business

  • Estimates vs. actuals
  • Forecast employee capacity
  • Benchmark client, project, and task costs
  • Analyze how long it takes to complete various projects
  • Understand employee utilization rates

Easy Tools for Employees

Empower employees to manage their own time

  • Employee timesheets highlight planned and remaining hours for each project
  • Personal dashboards make it easy for employees monitor their own progress
  • Pre-populate timesheets with the correctly assigned projects and clients

Planning Employee Resources Benefits the Entire Organization

No matter your role, resource planning makes your job faster, easier, and more productive.


High-level dashboards and visualization tools surface key company, project, and client performance metrics.

enterprise resource planning dashboard


Ensure your projects are on track, profitable, and successful with reports and dashboards that help increase employee utilization and remove uncertainty around budgeting and staffing decisions.

employee utilization report


See exactly how you are progressing toward billing or utilization goals. Understand how many hours are remaining to work on any project or task. And open up a new line of communication with managers — before unrealistic expectations or missed targets become an issue.

employee billable hour goals

Bill More Hours Resource Planning Benefits

Maximize profitability with the only staffing tool you’ll ever need.


Manage Employee Capacity

See who is available to to work, plan employee hours against budgets, and ensure no one is working on too many projects.


Increase Employee Utilization

Manage and reduce non-billable hours, empower employee to hit their billing goals, and stop over-servicing — before it happens.


Know When to Hire

Quickly see whether or not you have enough employees — and available time — to take on new work. Align headcount with pipeline business and sales goals.


Stay on Budget

Easily see which projects, activities, clients, and even employees are going over budget.


Increase Profitability

Reduce administrative costs, increase billable hours, and quickly identify patterns, trends, and outliers that have a negative impact on budgets and projects.


Real-Time Project Visibility

Get a 360-degree view of employee availability, project performance, client budgets, and more — everything you need to better manage your business.

Real-time Performance What Can Resource Planning Do for Your Business?

We’re obsessed with making businesses better. If you want to increase productivity, bill more hours, and staff smarter — we can help. It’s what we do!

Resource Planning FAQ

  • What is Resource Planning?

    Resource planning is the act of scheduling employee time and cost against a budget. Digital agencies, marketing firms, IT firms, consultants are all organizations that typically engage in employee resource planning.

  • Why Plan Employee Resources?

    Planning employee resources helps organizations increase profitability by reducing over-servicing, better managing project budgets, and gaining real-time visibility into employee capacity.

  • How Does Resource Planning Work?

    Resource planning provides a real-time window into employee availability and project budgets. As time is entered, budgets and available hours are automatically reduced. This is made possible by associating dynamic billing rates with specific employees, roles, projects, etc.

  • What is employee capacity?

    Employee capacity is the total available hours for all active employees, minus any time off that has been scheduled

  • What is planned utilization?

    Planned utilization is the number of allocated billable hours divided by the total allocated hours for an employee or group of employees.

  • How does Resource Planning work for nonprofits?

    Rather than measuring billable hours, nonprofit resource planning keeps track of hours worked on specific programs and activities that directly contribute to the mission (this can include fundraising, events, etc.)