When Internal Tools Are Not Enough: Online Timesheets vs. Homegrown Solutions

No one knows exactly when it happened, but some time ago, your company decided to build it's own time tracking system. Everything was customized perfectly for your business. And after some training, everyone knew how to use it.

Then things changed.

Your employees went mobile first. The internet took over everything. New requirements demanded higher levels of security and integration. Your business grew, and the once perfectly customized software suddenly seemed clunky and dated.

With that said, let's take a...

Announcing New Time Off Management Features

We're excited to announce new time off features in ClickTime!

Today we launched a time off requests and approvals system that makes it easy to manage any type of non-worked time.

Our new time off feature is available to ClickTime customers who have the Time Off module*. This means that if you currently have time off tracking or accruals set up on your account, you now have access to a much broader feature set, including time off requests and approvals!...

How to Prepare for the End of the Nonprofit Fiscal Year

June 30th. It's the middle of the calendar year and the beginning of summer. It's home to Michael Phelps' birthday, the ratification of the 26th Amendment to the Constitution, and for thousands of nonprofit organizations, a particularly stressful milestone — the end of the fiscal year.

While the nonprofit fiscal year can end at any virtually any date, most nonprofit organizations close out the year on 6/30.

So, how can nonprofits prepare for the end of the fiscal year?

Review Your...

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