Are You Eligible for an R&D Tax Credit?

R&D tax credits can be confusing, especially in the United States. With new laws coming into effect every year for the past decade, some businesses may be uncertain about what benefits they can receive from the government.

Let's take a look at what R&D tax credits are available, and try to clear a few things up!

What Counts as R&D?

Nearly any sort of time, money, or resource that is spent with the goal of improving and advancing a company’s products...

How to Prepare Your Managers for the New Federal Overtime Regulations

In the public relations, fashion, media, marketing and advertising industries, a culture of long hours and high expectations for junior employees is the norm. Managers of these employees are in the habit of wanting employees at their fingertips – literally – via email and text, at all hours of the day, including during “off-the-clock” hours.

But this habit could have very expensive consequences to employers when the new federal overtime rules go into effect. As of December 1, 2016, many...

Reporting on Employee Overtime

On December 1st, a new federal overtime regulation is slated to go into effect that will drastically expand the scope — and cost — of employee overtime for hundreds of thousands of businesses.

The ruling increases minimum salary thresholds, sets the stage for future overtime increases, and redefines overtime exception so that many white collar workers across the country become eligible for overtime.

In support of this regulation, we’re launching new overtime features for our customers.

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