New Budget Models Now Available in Project Insights

We're happy to announce two feature updates to our Project Insights budgeting tool. You can now select two new types of budget models: budgeting by person or budgeting by person by task. Both of these budgeting models are ideal if you have employees with different billing rates working together on a project.

Budgeting By Person

With this feature, you can create a budget based on the estimated costs of the employees working on the...

DCAA Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations! You've won a lucrative contract from the Department of Defense. Hurrah! But there’s a monster lurking behind that door. Its name: compliance.

Yep, while a government contract can be a welcome source of income for your company, it also comes with a number of strings. The biggest of these is DCAA Compliance. After all, when you’re working with taxpayer money, the government wants to make sure you’re not wasting any of it.

For most companies, this means meticulous time-tracking, record-keeping...

Employee Productivity: Myths, Truths, and New Ideas

As it turns out, the history of employee productivity basically starts with one man: Frederick Winslow Taylor. An American engineer, Taylor became the first person to systematically examine employee efficiency. Most famously, he used a stopwatch to time workers shoveling steel, breaking the task into its smallest components so he could figure out the most efficient way to do each.

(At age 18, he also decided not to attend Harvard, and chose the life of a machine apprentice instead. But...

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