The Secret to Productive Client Meetings

For those of us who run service-oriented organizations — or even businesses with clients — you know that client communication can make or break your business. If you're easy to work with, clients are much more likely to continue to employ your services. If you're difficult or disorganized, you’ll be dropped like the ball on New Year’s Eve.

While you can find lots of advice telling you how to run productive client meetings, there’s one Very Special Secret that...

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Nonprofit CRM Software: The 8 Things You Need to Know

We know your organization is passionate about your cause. We also know running a nonprofit is a lot of work that can often turn chaotic. Luckily, that’s where nonprofit management or CRM software can come into play!

For managing your nonprofit’s data, engaging your donors, organizing fundraising strategies, and everything in between, your CRM can help make your life easier. Whether you’d prefer a cloud-based or onsite system, there’s sure to be a provider that’s perfect for you!

We’ll cover the...

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How to Negotiate with Clients

Some people enjoy negotiating with clients. Then there's everyone else. Haggling over deliverables, pricing, deadlines, and content can keep even the most seasoned business owners up at night.

Fear not! We've put together a handful of tips to help guide you through client negotiation.

Start with a Good Relationship

Whether you are working with a new client, or on your 100th call with someone you’ve been doing business with for years, there’s nothing more important than building and...

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