How to Manage Remote Employees

Are you ready to manage dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of remote employees?

The surge in collaborative software and mobile apps have removed the barriers that previously required workers to be on premise for a typical nine-to-five workday. More employees are asking for flexible and remote work options, and more companies are offering it. Telecommuting job listings increased a solid 36% from 2014 to 2015, compared to a 26% increase from 2013 to 2014. These positions are not only...

Boosting Value for Your PR Firm

There is a right way to build a firm’s value. There is a formal process that works. The hardest step for most firms is the very first, most critical one: shifting the mindset of managing the firm as if it were to be sold tomorrow to an outside buyer. This mindset shift is critical. It gives the agency owner(s) the highest-valued end game to work toward.

Without this mindset, owners don’t plan realistically for their exit strategy — and...

Are You Eligible for an R&D Tax Credit?

R&D tax credits can be confusing, especially in the United States. With new laws coming into effect every year for the past decade, some businesses may be uncertain about what benefits they can receive from the government.

Let's take a look at what R&D tax credits are available, and try to clear a few things up!

What Counts as R&D?

Nearly any sort of time, money, or resource that is spent with the goal of improving and advancing a company’s products...

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