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Free Time Card Template
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A Simple Time Card Free Excel Timesheet Templates

ClickTime offers free templates for three different types of pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Manually track your employees' pay by specifying wage rates to accurately calculate total pay. Download a free time card template and start tracking time today — or take see how online timesheets stack up against Excel!

Printable Timesheet Weekly Timesheet Template

Track worked time for an entire week. Enter time against specific tasks to see what your employees have worked on. Input wage rates to calculate total pay for the week. ClickTime's weekly timesheet template is printer-friendly, so you can maintain hard copies of your company's time records.

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Free Excel Download Bi-weekly Timesheet Template

This useful bi-weekly timesheet template allows employees to divide each day down into specific tasks. View totals for each week and easily calculate total pay by designating wage rates. Simply enter an end date for your pay period and our timesheet automatically updates every date within the two-week period.

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Printable Timecard Monthly Timesheet Template

ClickTime's monthly timesheet template allows users to track time for each day of the month. The option to add overtime hours and rates allows for accurate pay calculations. Record and view time for an entire month, all on one free spreadsheet. Or, if you'd like to simply calculate your hours, you can use our free timesheet calculator!

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Free Time Tracking How to Use the Timesheet Template

It’s easy to understand employee hours with our free timesheet templates for Excel!

Getting Started:

  1. Download the Excel Timesheet template
  2. Open the Excel Timesheet template in Excel
  3. Save the Excel Timesheet as [Company Name] Timesheet

Setting Up the Excel Timesheet Template

  1. Add your company name to the top of the spreadsheet
  2. Update the address, phone number, and email
  3. Enter the date range for the pay period

Using the Excel Timesheet Template

  1. Enter the employee pay rate
  2. Enter the tasks and hours worked
  3. Review the total hours and pay

More a Printable Timesheet ClickTime Integrates with Excel

Export time, budget, and employee cost data from ClickTime to Excel! We make it easy to understand and manage employee hours, schedules, and more!

Is a Simple Timesheet Template Enough?

If you prefer analyzing data in Excel, but find it tedious to use for time tracking, ClickTime was made for you. ClickTime's Excel linking feature allows you to securely sync your Excel spreadsheet with up-to-the-minute timesheet data.

You can create a customized report once, save it, and have ClickTime continuously and automatically update the data for you. Getting the data you need, in the format you want, is effortless with ClickTime! Try ClickTime

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Learn Timesheet Best Practices with ClickTime

ClickTime provides numerous resources to help our customers adopt timesheet best practices and boost the precision and efficiency of their timekeeping. Check out ClickTime's ROI analysis to see how your business can benefit from online tracking!

See how the Multicultural Leadership Institute cut 40 hours/month in administrative time by migrating from paper time sheets and Excel workbooks to ClickTime.


  • What is a timesheet?

    Timesheets span a diverse range of technologies — from paper to software to mobile apps to biometrics that are built to record worked time on a phone, tablet, or other device. Data is typically stored in the cloud or on a local server, and are synced with any budget, expense, employee pay rate, or other entries made by those tracking work against a common project, task, or goal.

  • Are Excel timesheets different than online timesheets?

    Yes, there are significant differences between the Excel timesheets and other methods of tracking time. The principle difference is that Excel timesheets are limited in scope and often need to be manually updated to accurate track and report on worked time. Online timesheets are often built to work directly in a browser (i.e., Firefox), can connect via API to other applications, and often have a mobile app for entering time or other data relevant to worked out.

  • How can I calculate the number of hours worked in Excel?

    Using a simple timesheet template, enter the employee hours in the "hours" field. In the bottom-right corner of the page, the hours will automatically be calculated. This may include employee pay as well as overtime compensation, depending on the template used.

Free Resource Planning Template

Looking to staff smarter? Our Free Resource Planning Template helps you manage employee hours, understand employee capacity, and stay on budget!

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