Top 10 Worst Ways Agencies Set Their 2018 Billing Rates

We get it. Calculating the perfect billing rate is hard. Dealing with employee salary increases, inflation, new competitors, churn, and more, all influence your billing rates. Sometimes, in moments of desperation, we throw something at the wall and hope it sticks.

Without further ado, here are the worst ways agencies can set their 2018 rates...

1. Ask your evil cat

evil cat

2. Pull a Neo and declare that there is no rate

there is no spoon

3. Your boss tells you to just ‘pick one’... so you do

Michael from Arrested Development saying pick one gif

4. Dance till you're taken by the Electric Slide and go with last year's rates

Marshall and Barney dancing gif
billing rates white paper

5. Dream of the perfect answer (like a boss)

man asleep at chair in office

6. Foist the rate search to your temp intern and dodge all questions

man using belt sander flinging paper everywhere

7. Pretend to zone out... can't give an answer if you didn't hear the question

roll safe think about it meme

8. Learn billingarmus rato like it’s oculus reparo

Hermoine casting oculus reparo spell gif

9. Throw a dart at some options and pick the one it hits

man makes bullseye blindfolded

10. Take a guess and weep below your desk

Robin in How I Met Your Mother crying and drinking under desk gif