Business Budgeting Tools — Built for Organizations That Track Time

ClickTime's business budgeting tools make it easy to understand project and employee performance. No matter how you budget — by retainer, by project, or variable or lump sum — our dashboards and visual summaries are proven to help you staff smarter, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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“The reports in ClickTime are user friendly, easy, and provide a wide variety of insights to our team. ClickTime’s reporting is above and beyond anything else. You can’t compare any tool to it.”

— Drithal Kala, Project Manager at Control Gap

Dynamic Billing Rates

Increase profitability with Resource Planning
  • Customize billing rates by role, task, employee, or client
  • Automatically bill the correct amount to your customers — including exceptions, special rates, and complex job hierarchies
  • Easily create custom rate cards for specific employees or teams

Project Budgeting

Increase profitability with Resource Planning
  • Analyze project profit, costs, and billings — as employees work against them in real time.
  • Understand long-term trends and identify outliers with dashboards and powerful business budgeting tools
  • Reduce out-of-scope work and stay on budget by surfacing key project metrics throughout the organization

Retainer-Based Budgeting

Increase profitability with Resource Planning
  • Reduce over servicing

    Identify projects or clients that are trending toward over servicing — and stop it before it happens
  • Increase profit margins

    Automate administrative tasks to reduce non-billable hours
  • Measure employee utilization

    More effectively staff projects and teams, and easily recognize when employees are under or over utilized.
  • Gain real-time budget visibility

    See who is working on what — all in real time

Lifetime Budgeting

Lifetime budget graph
  • Manage and allocate employee time against lump sum projects
  • Analyze real-time progress, and share trends and outcomes with internal stakeholders and clients
  • Combine with project- or retainer-based budgets to manage large-scale and complex jobs

Forecasting and Business Budgeting Tools

business budgeting dashboard
  • Accurately predict costs and employee time required for any job
  • Benchmark recurring tasks and processes to improve job costing and estimation
  • Empower project managers with tools to visualize budgets and goals