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Billable vs. Non-Billable Hours: How to Get Paid for Both

Balancing billable and non-billable hours is a constant challenge for agencies, consultants, and contractors. Clearly, companies and teams want to bill as many hours as possible, but one of the most effective ways to get new clients — and more hours — is to do more of non-billable work: marketing, internal branding, recruiting, etc.

The goal is to generate enough billable hours, and charge enough for them, to cover your non-billable activity.

This, of course, is easier said...

ClickTime vs Excel

Saying Goodbye to Excel: the Top Ten Benefits of Tracking Time Online

It's 2017. There are driverless cars, cloud-powered machines, and every song in the world available to you in an instant. Yet despite a seemingly endless barrage of new technology and innovation, thousands of businesses are are still tracking their time in Excel.

Excel is powerful and versatile. It can be used to keep track of customer information, consolidate large data sets with Pivot Tables, or even to create art.

But for projects that require multiple employees to...

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Time Management: Myths, Truths, and Why Some Businesses Succeed Where Others Fail

Is it just me, or does the entire world seem like it’s committed to the cult of extreme time management? Rarely does a week go by without someone sending me an article explaining how to squeeze more out of my time.

Time management. Time management. Time management.

But is squeezing ourselves really what we all want? To feel like an empty balloon, so exhausted that we’ll never float again?

Here’s an idea: maybe time management...

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Why Nonprofits Should Track Time

No one ever said running a nonprofit is easy. There are endless rules and regulations, a near-constant battle for funding, and significant pressure to simultaneously reduce overhead costs and recruit top talent.

Sound stressful? It can be! But as any nonprofit veteran will tell you, doing work on behalf of those in need — and helping to champion a cause you hold dear — is one of the most important and fulfilling ways to spend one’s days (and occasionally,...

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New Budget Models Now Available in Project Insights

We're happy to announce two feature updates to our Project Insights budgeting tool. You can now select two new types of budget models: budgeting by person or budgeting by person by task. Both of these budgeting models are ideal if you have employees with different billing rates working together on a project.

Budgeting By Person

With this feature, you can create a budget based on the estimated costs of the employees working on the...

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Announcing ClickTime 8.0

We're excited to announce the launch of ClickTime 8.0! We've built dozens of new features that make it easier to track, plan, and manage employee time.

ClickTime 8.0 is built for organizations looking to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and gain new insights into team and employee performance. And with hundreds of integrations, you can now connect ClickTime with many of your accounting, payroll, CRM, or other platforms!

Overtime Tracking & Reporting helps reduce costs and ensure compliance Quickly

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Project Cost Estimation: Templates, Tools, and More!

So you’re starting a new project. Great! Business is booming! But how do you estimate how long this project will take to complete? Five hours? Five days? How much will it cost your business to perform this work? Are there any opportunity costs associated with taking on this new project or client?

It can be difficult to answer these types of questions while you are busy running a business. But unrealistic project estimation frustrates employees and clients alike, as it...

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The Must-Have Tools to Run Your Digital Agency Like a Boss

The key to running a successful agency is to not let it run you. Your job — in addition to providing great value for your clients — is to make sure that operations, billing, HR, etc., are working like a well-oiled machine.

We’ve put together a list of tools and technology to help you focus on the things that make your agency successful and stay focused on your customers.

Time Tracking Software

As a digital agency, it all boils down...

science laboratory equipment

Are You Eligible for an R&D Tax Credit?

R&D tax credits can be confusing, especially in the United States. With new laws coming into effect every year for the past decade, some businesses may be uncertain about what benefits they can receive from the government.

Let's take a look at what R&D tax credits are available, and try to clear a few things up!

What Counts as R&D?

Nearly any sort of time, money, or resource that is spent with the goal of improving and advancing a company’s products...

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What Type of Time Tracking Software is Right for Your Business?

Many businesses need to track employee time. However, given all of the options that exist, how do you know which type of time tracking software is right for you?

There are several ways to assess timesheet technology, based on your company’s size, your company’s industry, and your particular business needs.

Company Size + Time Tracking

Company size is arguably the biggest factor in determining the type of time tracking software your organization needs to be successful. Small businesses, which tend...