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Employees and managers are busy—too busy to deal with complex timesheets.

ClickTime Web Timesheet is designed to save you the time and energy you need to make the most out of your workday. With our web-based timesheet app, you can enter time from any supported web browser through our clean and simple time entry interface.

The Best Employee Time Tracker

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For some businesses, tracking employee time can be challenging. That's why it's important to use time tracking software that's easy for everyone, helps the management team run the business, and can be connected with the other software and tools you use every day.

What's included with the best employee time trackers?

  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android help employees track and approve time while they're on go.
  • Easy reporting offers immediate insights into how your business is performing.
  • Smart timesheets understand the projects you might be working on and make it easy to enter, copy, or edit time for the right projects.
  • Integrations with the accounting, CRM, and payroll software you already use.
  • Budgeting and forecasting tools that help you reduce costs, manage projects, improve performance.
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Drop Down or Type-Ahead Time Entries

Reduce costs by minimizing the time it takes to complete timesheets! Our intuitive and flexible interface is filled with easy-to-use features such as drop down and type-ahead menus to make entering time a breeze.

Our time entry interface includes an option of a drop-down selection menu or a type-ahead selection menu, both designed to streamline the time entry process. The drop down menu gives you the list of your previously defined tasks alphanumerically so you can quickly choose the right entry to enter time. This feature brings convenience to companies or divisions with a small list of tasks that all employees enter time to. The type-ahead feature automatically matches the task name you input to your tasks database and returns matching results. As you enter text, type-ahead selection filters your company's task list so you can choose from a shorter list after typing just a few letters and then swiftly enter your time. This feature is very useful for companies or departments that have a long task list.

online timesheets customizable interface ClickTime

Customizable and Flexible Interface

Manage time your way — our flexible customization model lets you work the way you want so you can save even more time for other important tasks.

Every company does businesses slightly differently, and we understand that. ClickTime Web Timesheet boasts one of the most flexible timesheet models in the web timesheet software industry. Many aspects of our web-based interface are customizable. Some examples include terminology and the choice of displaying or hiding weekends. These and other customizable options make our timesheet application personalized to you and your company. This significantly decreases any learning curve associated with moving to a new timekeeping method by providing familiar time entry options, and will save you valuable time from day one!

online timesheets time entry comments ClickTime

Time Entry Comments Increase Accountability

A valuable tool — never forget what you did and when you did it. Keep track of your work by entering comments corresponding to each time entry.

This feature is especially useful for businesses where accountability is emphasized, such as a consulting firm. Other kinds of firms will find this feature to be helpful in training employees and reviewing their work progress. Although comments are optional by default, managers can easily make them mandatory through the company preferences page. To enter a comment, just click on the small comment icon next to each time entry. This optional feature can increase accountability and improve your firm’s time management considerably.

online timesheets time entry comments ClickTime

Daily or Weekly Time Entry Interface

Exactly what you need — enter time by viewing a week, or just one day. Enjoy various time entry options and pick the one that matches your needs the best.

You can choose between entering your time day to day, or by the week. By choosing our Day View time entry interface, a user who performs many different tasks daily can easily record detailed notes on each specific task. Our Week View time entry interface allows users who perform a couple of different tasks every week to quickly enter their time; they will love the simplicity!

online timesheets time entry comments ClickTime

Track Time in Google Calendar

No one likes to spend their time filling out timesheets. That's why we've built an integration with Google Calendar. We've made it easy for you and your team to automatically record any meetings or other events scheduled in Google. Time Tracking in GCal is the most effective way to ensure that employee hours are recorded quickly and accurately.