Professional Reports

Instantly print professional-looking reports with always-fresh timesheet data

ClickTime comes pre-loaded with 40+ reports that fulfill almost any conceivable timesheet reporting need. If your business is so unique that you need a report we do not have, then you can utilize our Report Builder to create a completely custom report. If you still cannot achieve the exact report you desire, simply call our Professional Services Team, and we will create any custom report that you want. Between the preset reports, the Report Builder, and our Professional Services Team, you will find everything that you need to quickly review timesheets or make informed decisions.

For Quick Review

We have clear and concise reports that allow for quick timesheet review. Managers can easily monitor employee activities to make sure things are on track. With a clean and intuitive layout, our forty basic reports reports can be exported to Excel for further processing or printed out in PDF. These professional-looking reports will help you improve accountability for your business and simplify the decision making process by providing you with the most up-to-date time and expense information.
online timesheets real time reports ClickTimeOur summary reports provide a complete overview of everything your company is working on—at the click of a button.

For Client Review

Service firms will love our preset reports tailored towards your clients. Instantly print reports that can be readily handed over to your clients for review. Our web timesheet will help you gain the trust you need from your clients to develop a long-term business relationship. Clients will appreciate the increase in transparency and you will enjoy the increase in business efficiency and improved client relations.

For Billing

Give your clients a peace of mind with our clearly organized billing reports. These reports automatically total billable hours and include details how time is spent, so your clients can easily review where their money is being spent and be confident in your business practices.