Google Chrome Time Tracking

Automatically track your projects and tasks directly from your Google Chrome web browser.

time tracking on chrome screenshot

The Fastest Way to Track Time

With ClickTime's Google Chrome Extension, your time is always being tracked — whether you're reading a client email, reviewing a report, or doing anything on your computer. ClickTime's Chrome extension allows you to intuitively track time without having to navigate away from your work.

Chrome Makes Recording Time Easy

The Chrome Extension keeps you securely logged into our time tracking system, and is seamlessly integrated with your ClickTime account. All you have to do is click "start!"

Automated Reminders

Google Chrome Time Tracking Reminder

Are you still working on that project? Did you forget to enter time? ClickTime for Chrome automatically reminds your team to track their time, ensuring more accurate, up-to-date time and billing for your organization.

Increased Accuracy

With a built-in, heads-up display of the time worked, you can be sure that your hours are being tracked accurately. And with this helpful data, you can easily answer important questions about employee productivity:

  • Did this task take longer than usual?
  • Am I properly estimating the time it takes for me to finish certain tasks?

With time tracking directly available from your browser, employees will be able to capture hours in real-time, rather than performing estimations at the end of day, week, or pay period.