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Time Tracking and Salesforce — Together at Last!

Wouldn't it be great if your time tracking platform could integrate with Salesforce? How much more efficient would your team be?

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Bring the Power of Salesforce to ClickTime

Start Tracking Time Against An Opportunity — Even Before It Closes

When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, you can automatically have a project created in ClickTime. This allows you to easily understand the true costs of sales and business development efforts, and analyze the time and cost of deals, whether they are lost or won.

Create New Jobs in ClickTime When a Salesforce Opportunity Closes

Some opportunities require the same type of work from your team. For example, if you are an PR agency and you win a new client, you may want to automatically populate certain jobs in ClickTime, such as social media, brand management, press outreach, etc.

Customize Your Salesforce Integration

We've made it easy to associate time tracked in ClickTime with a given project, opportunity, client, or other object in Salesforce. If you need something more in-depth, our Professional Services Team can work with you to build a custom integration for your business.