Consultant Time Tracking in an Office

Consultant Time Tracking

Focus on strategy — not spreadsheets. Ensure that your team is maximizing profitability while delivering exceptional service to your clients. Measure employee capacity, optimize budgets, improve forecasting, and reduce administrative costs with powerful consultant time tracking and workforce management tools.

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“It used to be quite challenging to create estimates for clients, but with ClickTime we’re able to predict costs and estimate billing easily and accurately.”

— Kate VanOrder, Consultant at Crankfrog

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Consultant Time Tracking Resources

consultant negotiating with clients

How to Negotiate with Clients

Defining deliverables, pricing, and deadlines can be challenging for even the most seasoned consultants.

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Employee Resource Planning Template

Want to staff smarter? Our free resource planning template helps you manage employee hours, understand employee capacity, and stay on budget! It's a simple, powerful way to understand your hiring needs and maximize profitability.

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How to Get Employees to Track Their Time

Timesheets — and the performance, budget, and billing data they contain — are some of the most powerful tools a business has to reduce costs, improve operations, and increase profits.

Executive Planning Employee Time

Industry Leaders Reveal How They Manage Employee Capacity

How do top-performing organizations reduce over servicing, increase employee utilization, and maximize profitability?

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A Brief Guide to Project Cost Estimation

How do you estimate how long a project will take to complete? Five hours? Five days? What estimation method is best for your team?

Best-in-Class Consultant Time Tracking

purple red tablet ipad business charts Easily track time on any device

Mobile timesheets, Google Chrome tracking — all cloud-powered and available on your laptop or tablet.

purple red employee player map Staff Smarter

Measure employee capacity and hire the right employees at the right time

purple crystal ball with red stars Optimize Budgets

Gain real-time insights into project costs and predict profitability

purple red clipboard chart with glasses More than 70 pre-built reports

Improve operations and increase team productivity with in-depth reporting on any employee, team, project, or task.

purple red paper dollar bills Reduce administrative costs

Streamline accounting, payroll, and invoicing.

purple red server Integrate and export your data

ClickTime work with leading accounting, CRM, and project management platforms