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“ClickTime allows us to understand the true costs of our projects and ensure that we are most effectively planning and managing employee time.”

—Justin Pritchard, Controller, Near East Foundation

Stay on Budget Project Budgeting

Gain real-time visibility into project performance, create more accurate forecasts, easily identify out-of-scope work, and export data and share project progress with clients and internal stakeholders.

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“ClickTime's reporting is above and beyond anything else. You can't compare any tool to it.”

—Drithal Kala, Project Manager, Control Gap

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Easy Administration Timesheet Management

Quickly see who has incomplete or unsubmitted timesheets Easily approve employee time, see which employees have or have not completed their timesheets, send automatic timesheet reminders, and view employee time off and holiday schedules.

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“Employees are able to enter time 25% faster with ClickTime. But where you really save time is the administration and management of timesheet data.”

—Alex Cantu, Grant Administrator, Children’s Advocacy Center’s of Texas

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Workforce Planning Employee Resource Management

See who is available to work, optimize employee scheduling for maximum profitability, increase utilization and manage capacity, reduce over-servicing, and better understand when and whom to hire.

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“ClickTime allows us to be more agile and responsive to client needs, changes to the budget, or even make decisions on whether we need to hire more full-time or contract employees.”

—Eve Luppert, Vice President of HR and Operations at Salt Branding

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Analyze and Export Expense Reports

Analyze expenses by employee, client, or project. Filter expense types and report by category or classification. Data export and integration with accounting, CRM, and project management software.

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“"ClickTime is great for expense tracking. Our team can take a picture of their receipts and easily upload it to our account."”

—Nancy Quincy, Office Manager, AmaTerra Environmental

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Increase Productivity Employee Utilization & Billable Hours

Track, manage, and increase employee utilization. Understand which projects, teams, and clients are the most or least billable. Allow employees to see their own utilization and billability goals to drive increased transparency and performance.

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“Resource Planning enables me to keep our many projects on track and on budget. We're able to understand employee capacity and utilization, and armed with actionable data, make better decisions about how we run our business.”

—Sarah McGeary, Vice President of Strategy and Operations

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Next-Level Visibility Dashboards and Visual Summaries

Gain instant visual insights into financial, operational, and employee performance. Understand patterns and trends, share information across departments, and provide executives with an easy-to-understand overview of any project, team, or client.

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“The deeper visibility we receive from ClickTime helps us better assess our hiring strategy to ensure we are properly balancing our staff capacity and work volume.”

—Rob Buhler, Chairman at MMI Public Relations


Manage Employee Payroll Overtime Reporting

Quickly see which employees worked overtime, who took time off, and who approved overtime hours. Automatically apply the correct overtime rate for federal or California overtime rules. Easily export overtime hours and costs directly to your payroll platform!

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Improve Productivity Employee Performance Reports

Surface top performers and optimize your team for maximum billability, understand employee utilization over time, and quickly see who is working on what projects.

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“The data in ClickTime is priceless. In addition to improving how we plan and staff our teams, we're able to analyze employee efficiency”

—Van Chang, Director of Finance at COPE Health Solutions

employee performance report

Get the Exact Data You Need Custom Reports

Easily create any report based on time, cost, budget, client, project, or any other type of data. Manipulate complex data sets to understand long-term trends and identify outliers, or analyze employee, project, or team performance — custom to your organization.

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“We really like the ability to integrate ClickTime data with other programs. Working with the development team to integrate ClickTime has been a great experience. They provide really helpful insight as well as work fast and communicate very well.”

—Cyvia Star, Business Operations, Analgesic Solutions

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Form 990 and Beyond Nonprofit Reports

Easily share information with funders or grantors, measure program ROI, report on functional expenses, and understand the cost and time to complete any project.

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“Using ClickTime, fund and grant reporting is amazingly simple.”

—Jason Van Driesche, Deputy Director at Local Motion

nonprofit funding source report