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Track time and expenses with our free mobile app

With expense sheets and employee hours updated in real-time, ClickTime's mobile timesheets is the preferred employee timesheet software for thousands of businesses. Our intuitive mobile app makes it easy to review and edit entries on the go, and track employee hours and expenses with ease.

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Mobile Expenses

Why spend time calculating expenses, when you can simply take a picture of your receipts with ClickTime's mobile app?

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Mobile Notifications

Manage and approve employee timesheets from anywhere! Stay on budget, ensure compliance, and improve productivity.

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Mobile Time Entries

Thousands of businesses use our mobile timesheet app to track time! It's easy to record employee hours — no matter where you are!

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Manage your time even when you're not in the office

Accurate and efficient time tracking is key to maintaining an organized workflow, and now you can manage your time from just about anywhere — with ClickTime Mobile. Employees can log projects & tasks, track time-off, and submit timesheets for approval directly from their phones! Thanks to the power of ClickTime's cloud-based timesheet system, managers and administrators can see these updates within seconds. Learn More

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Keep your expenses within budget

ClickTime Mobile isn't just for managers and administrators--our mobile app expedites the reimbursement process for employees! Your team can quickly create expense sheets and take snapshots of receipts, which ClickTime Mobile automatically syncs to the web for employers to view. Learn More

Stay on track with notifications

Want to be immediately notified about time tracking errors in your entries? ClickTime Mobile has got you covered. Eliminate delays in timesheet submissions and approvals and re-invest that saved time back into your business. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the ClickTime Mobile Timesheet App keeps you up to date through its notification system. Learn More

Automatically track time with our mobile stopwatch

Let ClickTime do the work for you! Simple press “start” and we'll keep track of your time for whatever project you are working on. Everything recorded on the mobile app will be synced with your ClickTime account, including your billing rate, project codes, overtime permissions, and more.

Mobile Timesheets

ClickTime's easy employee timesheet app

Our Mobile Timesheet App is the perfect companion application for ClickTime users to track their time, expenses, and receipts with ease.

  • Quickly capture your time against clients, projects, and tasks
  • Accurately track expenses and create expense sheets on-the-go
  • Instantly upload expense receipts from your smartphone camera — as you incur them
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ClickTime Mobile available on Google play
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Mobile Timesheets FAQ

  • What are mobile timesheets?

    Mobile timesheets are time tracking apps, software, or websites that are built to record worked time on a phone, tablet, or similar device. Data is typically stored in the cloud and synced with any time, budget, expense, or other entries made by the same employee on other devices used to track time.

  • Are mobile timesheets different than online timesheets?

    For the most part, no. The principle (and minor) difference is that mobile timesheets are typically an app, whereas online timesheets are often built to work directly in a browser (i.e., Google Chrome). The functionality of mobile timesheets and online timesheets should be more or less the same. Granted, apps built for mobile devices require slightly different functionality and design.

  • How do I submit expenses on mobile?

    To submit expenses on a mobile device, simply upload an image of a receipt into the the expense track app. Be sure to take a clear photograph of the receipt that captures all the information required by your organization, HR, or accounting department.

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