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Want to staff smarter? Our free resource planning template helps you manage employee hours, understand employee capacity, and stay on budget!

Free Resource
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What Is Resource Planning?

Resource planning is the act of scheduling employee time and cost against a budget. Businesses with employees who bill by the hour often need to plan employee resources against a budget, in order to maximize project profitability, ensure employees have the capacity to take on other work, and manage over servicing. Digital agencies, marketing firms, IT firms, consultants are all organizations that typically engage in employee resource planning.

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Plan Employee Time in Excel — without Resource Management Software!

If you're looking for an easy way to allocate employee time against a budget — or multiple project budgets — we've got you covered. Our free resource planning template allows you to plan and record employee hours, along with billing rates, so that you can better understand your budgets in real time.

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How to Use the Resource Planning Template

It's easy to plan employee time with our free scheduling and budgeting tool!

Getting Started:

  1. Download the resource planning template
  2. Open the resource planning template in Excel

Setting Up the Resource Planning Template

  1. Enter your project names in the left-most column, titled "Project"
  2. Enter the budget for each project under the Budget column
  3. Enter your employee names and hourly billing rates at the top section of the template
  4. For each employee, enter the number of hours they should work on each project in the Hours Allocated field.
  5. As you allocate (schedule) employee time, the Resource Planning Template will automatically track the Budget Allocated, both in dollars and percent.

Using the Resource Planning Template

  1. Enter the actual number of hours each employee worked in the Hours Worked field
  2. Automatically, the resource planning template will calculate the percent of Budget Worked.

Resource Management That Works

ClickTime helps thousands of businesses on more than 55 countries track time, improve operations, and plan employee hours. If you or your employees bill by hour or manage budgets of any size, we can help your team better plan employee resources.

Resource Management for:

Looking for the Best Resource Planning Software?

For organizations that are focused on reduced costs, increasing profits, and knowing exactly when to hire new employees, we've built resource management tools used by leading PR agencies, IT firms, and consultancies around the world.

If you are looking for a powerful resource management tool, ClickTime's resource planning software gives you real-time insights into your employees, teams, budgets, and clients. The best part? You can try it free for 30 days!

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