ClickTime 7.86

The release of ClickTime version 7.86 includes enhancements to the Timesheet Review and Person Detail pages. Here's what's new in this release:

  1. Timesheet Review - We added an option at the top of the page so you can now easily switch between showing and hiding inactive people. Also, when shown, inactive people are now clearly differentiated from active people.
  2. Person Detail Page - The Billing Rates section is now hidden if your company disabled time billing features. We also now use native browser controls when selecting a division, employment type, or other field that provides a list of options to pick from. This resolves various issues including when the field you clicked on was near the edge of your browser window. Unfortunately, there is a known issue with the Safari browser which we are working on. For now, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox on a Mac.
  3. Project Manager - You can now assign a "project manager" for each of your projects.
  4. Project Detail Page - We restored a link to easily access your extended Project Structure for those organizations who break down projects into phases and sub-phases.
  5. Clients, Budgets and Allocations - A client may not be deleted if any of its associated projects have any Resource Planning or Project Insights data (e.g. monthly budgets, lifetime budgets or monthly allocations).
  6. Bug Fix: Timesheet Review - We fixed an issue for companies using a semi-monthly timesheet model that caused the current and next timesheets to be shown after setting the filter to "Current timesheet."
  7. Bug Fix: Timesheet Submission Notification - We fixed an issue that prevented submission notification emails from being delivered when multiple email addresses were entered in the "CC" field.
  8. Bug Fix: New Employees - We resolved an issue which prevented new employees from submitting incomplete timesheets after an administrator said it was OK to do so.
  9. Bug Fix: IE 9 - Some UI issues with IE version 9 were resolved for a few reports in the "My Reports" area.