ClickTime 7.85

The release of ClickTime version 7.85 includes Project Insights along with enhancements to Resource Planning and the Timesheet Review. Here's what's new in this release:

  1. Project Insights - The new Project Insights feature provides insights into project and employee performance, and helps you optimize your business for maximum profitability. You're also able to monitor a project's profit, costs, and billings in real time.
  2. Resource Planning - We made a few improvements to the company monthly summary.
  3. Detail Pages - We made some visual enhancements to the pages for adding and editing people, clients and projects.
  4. Bug Fix: Timesheet Review - We fixed an issue that caused a person to always get emailed after his/her timesheet was approved rather than respecting the person's email notification settings.
  5. Bug Fix: Timesheet Review - We fixed an issue with the "clear all" filters link after arriving on the Timesheet Review via a link on your Company Dashboard.