ClickTime 7.84

The release of ClickTime version 7.84 includes enhancements to Resource Planning, the Timesheet Review and the REST API. Here's what's new in this release:

  1. Resource Planning - We made numerous visual improvements including a redesigned company monthly summary. We also fixed an issue with the "Only Show Exceeded Allocations" filter.
  2. Timesheet Review - We implemented several visual improvements to the new Timesheet Review and fixed an issue that could cause your filters to reset after approving and rejecting timesheets.
  3. Detail Pages - We made various enhancements to the new pages for adding and editing people, clients and projects.
  4. REST API - You can now review, create, edit, delete and search for clients using version 1.3 of the REST API. If you're interested in building your own custom integration with ClickTime, check out our web services documentation.
  5. Change Password - We added an option to "Change my Password" to the Help menu.
  6. Bug Fix: Day View - We fixed an issue that prevented the editing of a timesheet entry when using Project List Controls and a person could enter time against more than 500 clients.