ClickTime 6.32

We released ClickTime version 6.32 today. The update includes various session performance improvements and an initial beta release of our new Desktop App. The changes are as follows:

  1. Increased Session Length - We doubled the maximum session length to 8 hours. Session length is the amount of idle time between your last interaction with ClickTime and when you need to re-authenticate. A session length of 8 hours should allow a person to sign in once in the morning, start entering time, and not have to re-authenticate for an entire work day. The new option is in the Security Settings section of your Company Preferences. Customers on our Corporate plan have a maximum session length of 8 hours, and people on the Basic plan get their maximum length doubled to 4 hours. Customers who were previously set to the maximum session length will automatically get their setting updated to the new maximum value.

  2. Session Handling Improvements - We improved how your session is handled on the new Week View and Day View time entry interfaces, as well as the Job Estimation grid. Previously, you may have been told that your session had ended and need to sign-in again more frequently than expected. We've made sure that with every data request your web browser makes to our server, no matter how small, that we update your session appropriately so you don't need to re-authenticate as frequently.

  3. Desktop Application Beta - The initial beta release of our new ClickTime Desktop Application is now available. The new version includes extensive new features, a cleaner user interface, and tighter Web Timesheet integration. To request an invitation to our Desktop Application beta testing group, please contact us.

  4. Updated Mobile Sign-in - The sign-in page for mobile devices (iPhone, Nexus One, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, iPod touch, etc.) has been updated to improve the interface for all modern smartphones and other devices. We look forward to using it on an iPad in the near future, too.

  5. Web Services - We would like to remind anyone still using web services version 2.1 to upgrade to the new version. We previously extended the availability of version 2.1 for a couple of months, but it will no longer be available after February 16, 2010. See our web services documentation for more info about version 2.2, and contact us if you need assistance using web services.