Announcing New Time Off Management Features

We're excited to announce new time off features in ClickTime!

Today we launched a time off requests and approvals system that makes it easy to manage any type of non-worked time.

Our new time off feature is available to ClickTime customers who have the Time Off module*. This means that if you currently have time off tracking or accruals set up on your account, you now have access to a much broader feature set, including time off requests and approvals!

You can read a brief overview of our new time off features below. We'll also be scheduling webinars in early July, where you can learn how to use our new time off system.

As always, if you have questions about time off or anything else, please reach out to our lovely support team.

Request Time Off

Your employees can now request time off with a simple click! Employees can see the time off they have available, and managers are notified of time off requests. Administrators and others can run time off reports for an employee, team, or the entire organization.

request time off

Approve Time Off

Approving time off is a simple click! You can approve time off for an individual employee or in bulk for a larger team.

approve time off

Accrue Time Off

As always, you can set monthly accrual rates for employee vacation, sick leave, or other types of non-worked time. These rates can be segmented by role or individual employee.

accrue time off

Permissions, Security, and Controls

Our time off management system features robust access controls and strict permission sets to ensure that only employees — and the right approvers — have access to specific employee time off data.

time off permissions

*Our new time off features are not yet available for customers with DCAA activated. We're working on making this available in a future release!