ClickTime Stopwatch

Time tracking with stopwatch precision

The stopwatch timer provides a simple way to keep time with pinpoint accuracy, an enormous benefit to those who bill for professional and creative services, as well as those tracking time for non-profit services or budgeted grants.

Clockwork Precision Eliminates Confusion

When did you start that task again? Know exactly when your projects begin and end. Just let the stopwatch track your employee's hours and then use our reporting system to gauge employee efficiency. The advanced settings even allow for break time adjustments.

Down to the Second Tracking for Accurate Billing

Don't lose another billable minute. Inaccurate timekeeping can cause more than just billing headaches. Precise time data, with one-second resolution, ensures that you capture every moment spent on projects and clients.
online timesheets stopwatch ClickTimeStart tracking time with just one simple click. Our stopwatch is built right into the timesheet interface!

Stopwatch On-the-go

Even when you're on the road, you'll have access to precisely tracked time entries with the ClickTime Desktop Application. Stopwatch information is securely stored in the application until internet access is available, at which point it is automatically synced with our servers.

Smart Stopwatches and Stopwatch Reminders

You'll never have to worry about losing your start and end times. Your stopwatch's historical data is recorded securely on our servers. We'll preserve your stopwatch status so that your timer will continue to run until stopped — even if you close your web browser! Forgot to stop your timer? Automated Notices appear on the timesheet application to alert you to stopwatches that are still running. This intelligent feature allows you to correct any outstanding stopwatches left open before you submit or close out your timesheet.