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    Project Management

    Maximize profits by staying updated on the progress and costs of your projects

    Our web-based time and expense tracking solution has all the management tools you need to stay on top of costs and project revenue. With robust job estimation capabilities, customizable billing rates, the option of mobile time entry, and project expense tracking, you can immediately start efficiently tracking all your projects.

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    Job Estimation

    From simple job estimation to complex project estimation, we have got you covered. If you are looking to make some simple estimates, you can easily set billing rates and compare actual costs to estimated costs. If you are looking for a more powerful project estimation feature, then browse over to our Advanced Job Estimation Module section. Designed for project managers like you, it will help you monitor real-time budgets and stay profitable. A few popular features of our Advanced Job Estimation Module includes project dashboard and flexible project tracking options tailored to the way you work!

    Project Expense Tracking

    Our web-based timesheet will help you stay ahead of the game with powerful time and expense tracking for projects. Expenses can be attributed to a project and will be automatically tallied into timesheet and budget dashboard estimates. Completely customizable expense reports let you add billable or non-billable hours to relevant projects and include notes to improve accountability. Learn more about our Expense Tracking feature.

    Customizable Billing Rates

    Our timesheet has one of the industry's most flexible options for billing rates. From specifying a billing rate for a job, person, or a particular activity, we can do it all. You can also set exceptions based on people, clients, or tasks in order to use custom billing for a specific job. Your billing rates, whether company-wide or custom, will automatically sync with job estimates. This will provide you with easily accessible and accurate billing and expense information. To learn more about our timesheet billability features, click here or contact us.

    Mobile Time Entry

    Spend a lot of time on projects in the field? Project management on-the-go is easy with our timesheet Mobile Web Edition and ClickTime Mobile Timesheet App, optimized for Treo, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile. Entering time and tracking expenses on your mobile device is just as easy as through a browser.

    Resource Planning

    Looking to manage budgets and employee time better? Increase the productivity of all your employees with ClickTime's Resource Planning Module.


    Time tracking is easy with our expertly designed and user-friendly interface. See how we can meet your time-tracking needs.

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