Time Tracking and So Much More

Improve efficiency and maximize profitability with ClickTime!

Our web-based timesheet solution lets you manage both projects and employees easily. From a management point-of-view, our software is filled with features designed to help you keep track of the progress and costs of your project portfolio. Likewise, you will find many useful functions when it comes to managing employees. ClickTime has features to discourage late timesheets, improve compliance, and create visibility for managers to see exactly who is working on what.

Project Management

online timesheets project management ClickTime Use our timesheet to better manage your projects! From tracking the actual costs of your projects against estimated costs to managing multiple projects in detail, ClickTime has you covered. If you want a web-based timesheet system with robust project management features, then you have come to the right place! Learn More

Managing Costs

purple red savings budget advertisement For groups of employees working on multiple projects or initiatives, it's vital to understand how costs should be allocated across projects, activities, or operational groups. ClickTime captures time information as work is being performed — effortlessly and in real-time. Managers can access instant reports and use dashboards to show on what projects expenses are being incurred and where hours are being spent.

Employee Management

purple red employee player map Managing employees is hard enough. ClickTime is designed to let managers spend less time worrying about the accuracy and availability of timesheet data and spend more time acting on it. After implementing ClickTime, managers should see a decrease in late timesheets with the help of our automatic timesheet reminders. Managers can also quickly access easy to read timesheet summaries that reflect employee performance. Employees, on the other hand, will enjoy the simple and intuitive interface of of our online time tracking software solution. No matter where they are, they can open a browser, log-in, and enter time. Our simpler interface encourages compliance and on-time submission of timesheets. And if managers still face challenges with delinquent employees, ClickTime's automated reminders take the hassles out of contacting late submitters.