Automatic Email Reminders

No more late or incomplete timesheets with automated timesheet reminders!

online timesheets automated notifications ClickTime Incomplete timesheets slow down your business: employees spend longer trying to recall their jobs and hours, managers spend time chasing down incomplete timesheets, and accounting gets delayed. We understand your problems, and that is why we implemented the automatic email reminder feature to help your employees complete timesheets on time.
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Flexible Options

Managers can manually specify the minimum hours for a complete timesheet, customized for each employee. Learn More

By default, a timesheet is considered incomplete if it has less than 8 hours, including time off, entered per day. However, ClickTime Web Timesheet provides you with the option to customize this. For example, if your firm hires contractors that work for 4 hours a day, simply browse over to their employee profile and record this information. Our system will now consider their timesheet incomplete only if they have entered less than 4 hours a day. Collapse

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Easy Timesheet Review

Our intuitive timesheet review system makes it easy for managers to see whose timesheets are incomplete to send reminders to. Learn More

We employ a color-coded grid-view for easy timesheet review. Each day is represented by a grid, if a day has insufficient hours, it will be colored dark pink and marked with a X. All complete entries are colored green. With this easy review system, you can easily spot which employees did not complete timesheets for which days, and send them a preset email reminder to complete their timesheets. Collapse