Cloud-based Time Tracking Software

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ClickTime Online Timesheets are Cloud-based and Easy to Manage

Our services are accessible online 24/7, which makes timesheet management easier for you. Plus, there's absolutely no software to install. Join ClickTime to start tracking time in the cloud now!

Time tracking seamlessly in the cloud

Hassle-free and Risk-free Software

As a cloud-based service, ClickTime requires no installation, which means your company can start tracking time and increasing productivity immediately. You don't need to worry about update headaches or maintenance hassles — updates are completely automatic and ClickTime takes care of all the maintenance, IT work, and troubleshooting.

Our ClickTime Support Team is always available during business hours to provide you with immediate and personal support. We eliminate the risk of maintaining in-house timesheet software, and make it easier for you to run your business!

Cloud-based mobile expense software

Easy and Mobile Time and Expense Tracking

By hosting our services online, time and expense tracking becomes easier and more accessible for you and your team. Work hours and expenses can be logged from any internet-enabled location — at home, on the road, even on your phone — and all of your data is consolidated into the cloud. In addition, approving expenses and timesheets is easier than ever: You can approve requests wherever and whenever with a simple click of a button.

Our mobile expense feature streamlines the process of creating accurate expense sheets so they can be easily reviewed and approved. You can upload receipts immediately after a purchase, directly from a mobile phone, which speeds up reimbursements. A digital copy is stored online for review so you'll never have to deal with piles of receipts ever again. Try ClickTime today to experience the convenience of time and expense tracking in the cloud! Learn More

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Cloud-Based Time Tracking FAQ

  • What is cloud-based time tracking?

    Tracking time in the cloud means that all time entries, approvals, reports, etc. are available to you in real-time from any device. For example, thousands of employees can enter time simultaneously by leveraging the near-infinite computational power of the cloud!

  • What is cloud-based expense software?

    Cloud-based expense software is an accounting technology that offers real-time access to expenses reports, data, and receipts from any location and on virtually any device. Typically, employees take pictures of their receipts using their mobile phones. These receipts are securely stored in the cloud, where they can be accessed or analyzed at a later time.

  • What is the cloud?

    The cloud is essentially a network of shared servers or computers that provide access to data or programs over the internet.

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