Timesheet Software Modules

Create a time tracking system that fits your company's needs and budget

At ClickTime, we aim to provide our customers with a powerful suite of online time and expense tracking tools custom-tailored to their needs. These modules have been designed to address the requirements of different job functions and industries.

Time Off

Track sick time, vacation time, and manage employee time off accrual. ClickTime's Time Off Module can accommodate most PTO and accrual rules.   Learn More »


The Timesheet Approvals module makes it painless for users to submit timesheets for manager approvals. Approving time is quick, convenient, and accessible from any web browser.   Learn More »


The Expenses module is fully-featured and less expensive than standalone tools. Customizable expense types, multiple currencies, uploaded receipts, and electronic approval are all included   Learn More »

Advanced Job Estimation

Do you need to forecast and manage your projects? Now you can create estimates by project, by project by person, by project by month, or by project by task. Our dashboard shows at-a-glance indicators of which projects are over-budget and need attention.   Learn More »

DCAA / Audit Trail

The DCAA / Audit Trail Module automatically generates logs for all revisions to important labor, billing, and cost accounting data. This module is ideal for government contractors or firms that want total accountability.   Learn More »

Web Services

ClickTime Web services offers you the opportunity to integrate your favorite applications with ClickTime Web Timesheet.   Learn More »

ClickTime Makes Time & Expenses More EfficientEasy-to-use timesheet and expenses make delinquent submissions a thing of the past!

Timesheets are customizable and streamlined for efficient time entry. Whether you need to track by Clients, Jobs, Tasks or something in between, we've got you covered!

Put your employees' tracked time data to use. With over 60 reports, you'll easily find the metrics that matter most to you and your team.

Automated processes like email timesheet reminders means you'll never waste time chasing down people for timesheets again.