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    Job Estimation

    Keep your projects and employees on budget with powerful job estimation tools

    We’ve made it easy to stay on budget, create more accurate estimates, and predict profitability — all through real-time dashboards and visual reports.

    Job Estimation provides managers with the ability to compare estimates to actuals, improve forecasting, and run a more efficient teams.

    Save Time

    Paired with our award-winning timesheets, job estimation — allows organizations to efficiently track estimates, projects, and employee time all in one place.

    Quickly Real-time visibility into project costs, billings, and profit — all available in real time

    Time tracking and budgeting data is available through intuitive visual summaries, dashboards, or can be exported via CSV or through our API.

    Save Money

    Runaway projects are one of the biggest and most costly challenges that businesses face. With the built-in dashboard, managers are sure to have the situational awareness to stay on-budget. Continuous data updates allow administrators to refine their estimates, and tighten up the gap between estimated and actual values.

    Job Estimation Custom Fit for Your Business

    Customize your Job Estimation model to match the way your company manages projects.

    Visual dashboards enable you to measure progress over time, identify outliers, and analyze long-term trends

    Many choices of estimation models are available:

    • by Job
    • by Job by Month
    • by Job by Person
    • by Job by Task

    You can also track your budgets:

    • by Dollars (or your local currency)
    • by Hours

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