Expenses Reporting

Streamline expenses, approvals, and reimbursement

Employee expense reporting is one of the most common frustrations for both managers and employees. Managers want the correct details and format to account for the expenses properly and employees want swift reimbursement. Satisfy everyone using ClickTime's simple Expense Module. ClickTime combines the best of timesheet and expense software.

Expenses Reporting
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Easy Expense Reporting for Everyone

ClickTime takes an innovative approach to expense tracking, based on the belief that prompt reporting is more important than exhaustive detail. With ClickTime's Expense Tracking Module, employees can get expenses into the system faster and more easily than with typical software. And since it's entirely web-based, there's no more waiting to get back to the office - expenses can be entered from home, on the road, anywhere. You can even track expenses through your mobile phone.

Quick and Simple Expense Approvals

Approving expense sheets is a snap. Like the ClickTime Timesheet Approval Module, it's as easy as logging in, seeing an alert, and checking a box. Once approved, expenses automatically appear on designated reports for easy reimbursement, invoicing, or cost-accounting. Companies preferring manual approval also benefit from ClickTime's PDF-based expense reports, which are perfect for printing.

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Start Tracking Your Expenses