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    DCAA Timesheets / Audit Trail

    Easy time tracking and worry-free compliance!

    Accurate time and expense sheet data can save companies fortunes in misreported information. What was the original entry? Why was it revised? ClickTime's Audit Trail provides information integrity with an automated log of all revisions to critical labor, billing, and cost accounting data.

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    Informative Reports

    Easy to view reports of timesheet approvals and data changes show whether data integrity has been compromised. Companies who undergo frequent audits or require internal cost reports to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act can simply click a button and generate reports with traceable source data.

    Audit Trail

    Additional auditing options are available by combining Audit Trail with Timesheet Approvals. The "DCAA compliance" setting tracks user explanations for data modifications. This is especially helpful for contractors who serve the U.S. Department of Defense and must be compliant with strict cost accounting guidelines set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

    Worry-Free Time Tracking

    Audit Trail takes away the worry of timesheet reporting compliance and maintaining data integrity while keeping time tracking quick and easy. Using the Audit Trail, DCAA setting, and Timesheet Approvals helps companies fulfill the following requirements for DCAA compliance:
    DCAA Feature Available?
    Accumulation of actual direct costs by job and tasks
    Accumulation of costs under General Ledger Control
    Calculation of multiple billing rates per job or task
    Identification and accumulation of direct costs by contracts
    Track user explanations for modification
    Inception-to-date job or task detailed histories
    Proper segregation of direct costs and production costs
    Labor distribution system that charges direct & indirect labor to appropriate cost objectives
    Tracking and segregation of no allowable costs
    Tracking of employee labor by intermediate or final contract objectives
    Necessary audit reports

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