Timesheet Approvals

Quickly review, approve, or reject employee timesheets

If you're using timesheets to generate paychecks, invoices or reports, odds are you'll need some kind of approval system. Employees and managers love the simplicity of ClickTime's timesheet submission and approval process.

Timesheet Approvals

Easy Review

With the sleek grid interface, managers can tell at-a-glance which employee timesheets need review and approval. And in just seconds, managers can pick out trouble timesheets and send one-click email reminders. Each submitted timesheet is concisely organized, making it easier than ever for managers to review employee time and gauge project progress!

Automatic Timesheet Reminders

With ClickTime's Automated Reminders, administrators can send automatic email notifications to people who haven't completed or submitted their timesheets on time. Administrators can even set up automatic reminders to remind employees in advance of the timesheet due date. You'll never have to waste another minute chasing down employees for their timesheets!

Approve Timesheets by Project

Sometimes you need an additional level of approval to ensure that project time and budgets are accurate. ClickTime allows project managers or other employees to act as timesheet approvers for specific projects.

Approving Employee Overtime

Approving employee timesheets often involves more than simply checking to ensure the right number of hours were worked on the right projects. What if your employee or employees worked overtime? Were there they scheduled to work this time? If so, who approved their hours? Our overtime reports make it easy to manage and approve your team's hours, overtime or otherwise.

manage employee overtime

Timesheet Approvals FAQ

  • How do I approve my employee's timesheets?

    If there are timesheets ready to be approved, you will see a link on the Company Dashboard that lets you know your approval is required. From the Timesheet Review page, you can easily approve or reject a timesheet, and even undo a past approval. You're also able to leave a comment to your employees that explains why you did or did not approve a timesheet.

  • How do I reject a timesheet?

    You can both reject a timesheet that is awaiting approval and reject a timesheet that has already been approved. The Timesheet Review page will display a list of employee timesheets that you can reject, should you have a reason to do so. If you accidentally approved a timesheet and need to now reject it, you can find a list of approved timesheets by using the date selection filter on the left navigation bar of the Timesheet Review page.

  • Is there an email confirmation for approved timesheets?

    Once a timesheet is approved, that employee will receive a confirmation via email that their time entry has been successfully processed.