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    Quickly manage and distribute your team's workload for increased productivity

    With Resource Planning, it's easy to optimize your project budgets and effectively manage and allocate employee time. We pair real-time project costs and budgets with visual summaries of employee availability, and empower managers and executives with deep insights into staffing, utilization, and profitability.

    With Resource Planning, you'll always know who's working on what. And with the intuitive dashboard, you'll be able to assign the right projects to the right people, so you'll never lose sight of the big picture. It's your entire company, at a glance.

    Never work on the wrong projects again

    Your employees are working hard, but are they working on the right things at the right time? With visuals like the person versus project dashboard, employees can get a heads-up view of their worked hours versus their budgeted hours, by project. Managers can also quickly allocate hours to teams and view the progress against worked hours. Wrong project? Never again.

    Keep your team in check

    The ClickTime Resource Planning suite isn't just for administrators. The personal dashboard provides valuable insight to every employee. ClickTime includes an easy-to-read widget display that details each employee's hours worked towards his or her billable goal, every month.

    Stay on track with dashboards and powerful reports

    Overwhelmed with too many projects? View active projects and the people working on them with a single click. ClickTime is the perfect project planning and resource management software that provides the data visualizations necessary to know exactly how each project is coming along.

    Custom fit for your business

    Whether you're tabulating hours or amount billed, ClickTime Resource Planning provides you the data you need, in real time. Sort by client, hours, or billable goals — Resource Planning allows you to customize your data to fit the way you do business.

    Project Management

    Feeling overwhelmed by all the projects you're juggling and assigning? Use our robust management tools to efficiently track all of your projects, costs and revenue.

    Benefits to Managers

    Timesheet managers can easily access reports and review time data with ClickTime. Learn what other benefits ClickTime can provide for managers.

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