Free Biweekly Excel Time Tracking Template

Biweekly time tracking template for Excel

ClickTime offers many useful resources for companies working with a biweekly pay period. Whether it's our Resource Planning Suite or Report Builder, ClickTime offers features that can help your business save significant time and money!

conveniently enter dates by specifying the end date of your pay period. Our spreadsheet will do the rest. ClickTime's Excel timesheet template auto-fills the date column for your pay period. Try ClickTime's Timesheets to save even more time and money.

Biweekly Time Tracking with Excel

Calculate Your Time

ClickTime's biweekly excel timesheet template aggregates all the hours that your employees enter onto the spreadsheet. You can view total hours worked per day, week, and for the entire period. Enter wage rates to calculate total pay for the period.

Automatic Date Fill

ClickTime's templates save you time by eliminating the need to manually enter dates for each day of your pay period. Simply enter the end date of your pay period and our spreadsheet will automatically pre-populate the rest.

ClickTime Web Timesheet with Biweekly Time Tracking

Customize Reports to a Biweekly Period

Each of our concise and professional reports can be easily printed out, reviewed and customized to fit a two-week cycle. With over 60 reports in 6 different categories, you're bound to find a report that works for your company. For world-class support and powerful customization, start your free trial today!

Save Time and Effort

ClickTime Timesheets takes convenience to the next level—not only offering automatic calculations, but also helping you assign specific tasks to with type-ahead selection menus. To learn more about our time-tracking enhancements like the Time Off Module, get a free trial of ClickTime. Our Time Off Module tracks, reports, and automatically accrues PTO and non-worked time to save your HR department the headache of manual calculation.

Manage Your Employees with Ease

ClickTime's Web Timesheet offers easy-to-use features to help you manage employees, such as the Timesheet Approvals Module and Resource Planning. Rather than dealing with the stacks of paper timesheets, administrators and managers can use the Timesheet Approvals Module to easily review and approve timesheets virtually with the click of a button. Employees with late timesheets are automatically notified via email so you can spend less time tracking them down and more time managing your business. With ClickTime's Resource Planning, you can ensure that your employees are allocating time to projects efficiently—helping you cut costs and minimize wasted work hours. Stay on top of your goals and optimize your business with Resource Planning.

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Monthly Timesheet

Track time for a one month pay period on ClickTime's free, monthly timesheet template. ClickTime makes it easy to track the month's regular and overtime hours to calculate total pay on one printable Excel spreadsheet.

Free Resource Planning Template

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