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    Time Tracking + QuickBooks Desktop

    Wouldn't it be great if your time tracking platform could integrate with QuickBooks?

    Connect Your Timesheets to QuickBooks Desktop — with One Click!

    We’ve built an end-to-end integration with QuickBooks Desktop that makes it easy to connect ClickTime with QuickBooks. Your timesheets, jobs, activities, billing rates, expenses, time off, and more will be available in QuickBooks almost instantly.

    Stop Duplicate Time Entry

    With our QuickBooks Desktop integration, you’ll never have to enter time twice! Work smarter, work faster, and reduce errors with ClickTime and Quickbooks Desktop.

    Make Payroll So Much Easier

    Processing employee payroll should be fast, accurate, and simple. With ClickTime’s QuickBooks Desktop integration, you can say goodbye to arduous, manual payroll processing.

    QuickBooks Desktop for Businesses of All Sizes

    We fully support the U.S. Windows versions of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

    What about QuickBooks Online?

    Are you a QuickBooks Online customer? We can help! Check out our QuickBooks Online integration, which offers a seamless connection between ClickTime and the cloud-based version of QuickBooks.

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