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    Track Time in Google Calendar

    Wouldn’t it be great if all your meetings were automatically tracked in ClickTime? How much time could you save?


    Google Makes Timesheets Even Better

    ClickTime’s Google Calendar integration makes tracking time faster, more accurate, and easier to approve. It allows you to automatically record the time you spend meeting with clients or partners, and it helps to ensure accurate time and billing data throughout your organization.

    “It’s so easy once you get it set up. Tracking time with Google Calendar makes everything better. There’s less of a burden at the end of the day to remember what you worked on.”

    — Michael Cwidak-Kusbach, Senior Associate

    How to Record Time with Google Calendar

    1. Log in to your ClickTime account
    2. Sign up for a free account with our integration partner Zapier
    3. Connect ClickTime and Google Calendar!

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