Free Capacity Planning Template

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Capacity Planning Template

Want to staff smarter? Our free capacity planning template helps you manage employee time, understand employee capacity, and reduce costs!

Capacity Planning Template


What Is Capacity Planning?

Capacity Planning is the act of matching available employee time with the hours needed to complete a project or program. Professional services organizations, IT consultants, manufacturers, nonprofits, and many other businesses have a major focus on capacity planning.

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Plan Employee Capacity in Excel — without Capacity Planning Software!

If you’re in need of a simple way to measure employee capacity for a project, we’ve got you covered. Our free capacity planning template allows you to measure project capacity and understand the number of employee hours needed to complete a task.

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How to Use the Capacity Planning Template

It’s easy to understand employee hours with our free capacity planning tool!

Getting Started:

  1. Download the capacity planning template
  2. Open the capacity planning template in Excel

Setting Up the Capacity Planning Template

  1. Estimate how many hours your employees work on projects each week
  2. The total hours for your organization will appear under Potential Work Capacity
  3. Enter the number of people in your company and the number of working hours in your week (i.e. 37.5, 40, etc.)
  4. Estimate your average employee utilization rate. This is the rate of billable vs. non-billable hours worked by your team. (For example, if an employee worked a 40-hour week but only billed clients for 20 hours, then his
  5. employee utilization would be 50%).

Using the Capacity Planning Template

  1. In the Summary section, you’ll see your Total Project Demand, Effective Capacity, Resource Deficiency, and Recommended Action. This data is based on the numbers you entered in the spreadsheet.
  2. Total Project Demand is the amount of estimated hours your team is currently working. Effective Capacity is your team’s potential work capacity multiplied by their utilization rate. Resource Deficiency is the is the number of full-time employees needed to meet total project demand.
  3. If you are over capacity, you may need to increase demand. Conversely, if you are under capacity, you may need to hire more employees.

Capacity Planning That Works

ClickTime helps thousands of businesses track time, manage budgets, and plan employee hours. Regardless of your industry, our capacity planning reports will empower your team with real-time answers and insights into staffing, hiring, and employee scheduling.

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Looking for the Best Capacity Planning Software?

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