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    Time Tracking for Universities and Higher Education

    Time Tracking for Universities and Higher Education

    Track time, staff smarter, and improve communications throughout your organization. Effortless timesheets and powerful budgeting tools built for Universities and Higher Education.

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    “With ClickTime, we’re able to better analyze operational and project costs, and work more effectively toward our goals.”

    — Cheryl Earle, Director of Finance & Administration, Information Services & Technology University of Alberta

    Timesheets Built for Higher Education

    ClickTime makes it easy for IT, HR, and other departments to improve operations and reduce costs. We've helped universities around the globe work more efficiently, recapture costs, and improve project visibility.

    Easy Time Tracking

    Track time on any device — iPhone, Android, or your computer.

    Understand Project Costs

    See project budgets, costs, and billings — as teams work against them in real time.

    Improve Communications with Stakeholders

    Share dashboards, reports, and visual summaries of project, employee, and team performance.

    Staff Smarter

    Measure employee capacity and make the more-informed hiring decisions — backed by real data.

    University of Alberta

    The University of Alberta supports nearly 40,000 students from 151 countries and is home to 68 Rhodes scholars. See how, using ClickTime, the University of Alberta Information Services & Technology team (IST) is able to increase productivity, better manage and allocate resources, and easily track employee time.

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