Time tracking for staffing, recruiting, and hr

Time Tracking for Staffing, Recruiting, and HR

ClickTime makes it easy for staffing, recruiting, and HR organizations to track time and better manage projects, budgets, and teams. Gain deep insights into profitability, and better understand project and employee performance with robust reporting and real-time dashboards.

“We run our business through ClickTime. It empowers us to better manage budgets and more effectively allocate staff to projects”

— Sarah McGeary, Vice President of Strategy and Operations

Timesheets Built for Staffing and HR

Easy Time Tracking

Timesheets for your iPhone, Android, laptop — or automatically track time via our Google Chrome extension

Powerful Budgeting and Profitability Reporting

Improve operations and maximize margins with real-time visibility into employee and project performance.

Staff Smarter

Understand true employee capacity and make data-driven hiring, staffing, and contracting decisions.

Comprehensive Integrations

Connect your time tracking, budgeting, and cost data with Salesforce, JIRA, Trello, or hundreds of other applications

HR Resource Center

Looking for new ideas for your wellness program, payroll laws for your state, HR templates, or simple calculators to help you run your business?

Wellness Program Ideas

Looking for wellness program ideas for your office? Let's take a look at what works, what doesn't, and what are the most cost-effective employee wellness ideas.