• Real Estate
    Time tracking for real estate development

    Time Tracking for Real Estate Development

    Better manage your properties and employees to maximize profitability. Reduce overhead costs, improve budget forecasting, and gain insights into which teams, projects, buildings, and employees are increasing your bottom line.

    “Everything in ClickTime can be customized. My account is specifically designed to fit our processes and reduce the amount of time we spend on operational and HR activities.”

    — Krista Snelling, CFO, Inspire Communities

    Timesheets Built for Real Estate

    Reduce Overhead Costs

    Streamline operations and administrative tasks with powerful budgeting and project management tools

    Improve forecasting and benchmarking

    Create on-target forecasts and understand the true time and costs of any project or property

    Identify your most profitable employees & projects

    Optimize operations with deep insights into the performance metrics that matter most to your organization

    Integrate with Yardi and other CRMs

    Export time, cost, and budget data into your existing systems

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