• Manufacturing
    Time tracking for manufacturing companies

    Time Tracking for Manufacturing

    Improve project budgeting, reduce administrative costs, and optimize employee scheduling. ClickTime enables manufacturers to maximize profitability and better manage jobs, teams, and employees.

    “With the help of ClickTime, we are able to document claims for R&D tax credits for the hours our U.S.-based engineers spend working on qualified activities.”

    — Jerri Franklin, Program Administrator at Nidec

    Timesheets Built for Manufacturing

    Easily Track Time and Expenses

    Entering time is easy on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, or tablets.

    Powerful Budgeting and Workforce Planning Tools

    Real-time dashboards provide visibility into project and employee costs, budgets, and margins.

    Understand Employee Capacity Utilization

    Make more informed hiring and staffing decisions with comprehensive reports that highlight and predict employee availability

    Reduce Administrative and HR Costs

    Automate back office processes to maximize productivity and reduce labor costs

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