Time Tracking for IT

Time Tracking for IT

Maximize profitability — and deliver exceptional service to your clients. Improve job forecasting, understand real-time employee capacity, and reduce administrative costs with powerful time tracking and workforce management tools.

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“Clicktime is an excellent product .We depend on them for all our time tracking, cost tracking and reporting requirements.”

— Ankit Oza, Legacy Data Access

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Timesheets Built for IT

ClickTime makes it easy to improve operations, reduce costs, and more effectively manage teams. We've helped thousands of businesses increase profitability, optimize staffing, and gain new visibility into projects.

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Easily track time on your iPhone, Android, laptop, or tablet.

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Real-time dashboards surface key profit, costs, and budget metrics

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Staff smarter with more than 70 reports that highlight and predict employee availability

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A leading healthcare technology strategy and product development consulting firm increases productivity and improves operations.