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Time Tracking and Workforce Management for Healthcare

Improve operations, reduce administrative costs, and more effectively staff teams and projects with powerful time tracking and workforce management tools.

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“ClickTime allows us to better plan and track our projects, and how much time each employee is working on a given task.We're able to gain new insights into employee capacity and more effectively staff teams and projects.”

— Carmen Cast, Director of Business Applications at Beacon Health

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Timesheets Built for Healthcare

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Real, long-term employee, project, and job cost data empowers managers with unprecedented insights into workforce planning

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Easily bill back hourly or project-based costs to internal teams or external clients

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Save hundreds of hours on administrative, HR, and payroll costs

Identify Operational Efficiencies

More than 70 pre-built reports help provide deep insights into project management and budgeting trends and outliers

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Beacon Health

ClickTime makes it easy for Beacon IT to communicate the various demands on the department with business partners and upper management.