Time Tracking for Oil, Gas, Mining, and Energy Services

Time Tracking for Oil, Gas, and Mining

ClickTime makes it easy for oil, gas, and mining companies to track time and better manage projects, budgets, and teams.

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“ClickTime is critical to how to we manage our business. It saves us time and money, and allows us to operate much more efficiently.”

— Mrs Sandra Keir, SS&G Commercial Coordinator, LR Senergy S&G

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Timesheets Built for Energy Services

resource planning employee bar graph icon Mobile Time Tracking

We make it easy for office and field employees to record their hours. Track time on any device — iPhone, Android, or computer.

purple red piggy bank Complex Billing Rates

Automatically charge different rates for different employees, roles, tasks, or jobs. Create variable rate models for contractors, retainers, or any type of contract.

purple crystal ball with red stars Smarter Budget Management

Assess project and employee performance, and maximize profitability

purple crystal ball with red stars DCAA Compliance

End-to-end audit trail of all time entries. Ideal for government contracting or contracts from grant-based organizations.

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Through ClickTime, LR Senergy S&G is able to improve operations, more effectively staff and manage projects, and reduce administrative and financial workload.