Time Tracking Automation

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We Make Entering Time Easy

How can we make recording employee hours even easier? Through time tracking automation! Take a look at some of the ways that we've made tracking and approving time more efficient for employees and managers.

Copy Entire Weeks or Days in Seconds

Do you find yourself working on similar projects and tasks from one week to the next? ClickTime's Quick Week feature saves you from having to manually copy entries from the previous week. Quick Week can dramatically reduce the time required to fill out your weekly timesheet from minutes to mere seconds.

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Quick Day — When filling out your timesheet one day at a time, this feature saves you time and effort by allowing you to completely copy the previous day's time entries to the current day. For employees who are working on a specific project for multiple days in a row, this allows you to fill in your timesheet with one simple click!

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Project Templates

ClickTime makes starting a new project easy by allowing you to intelligently duplicate similar projects, taking along the complex project and permissions that you've already established.

Predictive Intelligence

Do you know what projects and tasks you're most likely to work on from day to day and from week to week?

ClickTime's predictive intelligence automatically sets up your timesheets, pre-filling them with recently used activities or tasks!

Time Tracking Automation - Email Reminders

Never ask someone to fill out their timesheet again! With Automated Email Reminders, you've got a one-button method to remind all your time entry stragglers to hurry up and complete their time entries.

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Time Tracking Automation - Google Calendar

With deep integrations to popular apps, ClickTime is always looking ahead at new and inventive ways to track time. Using Google Calendar, you can automatically track time based on meetings and events you've set up. Why enter something twice when you don't have to?

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Time Tracking Automation - Google Chrome

There's no easier way to capture employee hours than with ClickTime's Google Chrome extension. Directly embedded in your Chrome browser, our extension automatically tracks time and offers simple reminders to ensure that your data is accurate.

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