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“When planning time off, employees can see in real-time how much vacation they have left.”

—Louise Hansford, Office Manager at Demattei Wong Architecture

Time Off Management Made Simple

Whether you simply need to record vacation time or you require an end-to-end leave management solution, ClickTime makes it easy for everyone in your organization to manage time off.


Love Your Vacation Tracker Request Time Off

Your employees can request time off with a simple click! We streamline the time off management process — and everyone wins. Employees can see the amount and types of time off they have available. Managers are instantly notified of time off requests. And administrators can easily generate time off reports for an employee, division, or the entire company.

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Give Yourself a Break Approve Time Off with Ease

Who approves time off in your organization? Managers? Team leaders? Administrators? HR? We make it easy to select a time off approver (and a backup approver) to streamline the time off approvals process. You're just one click away from approving or rejecting time off.

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PTO Yeah! Automatically Accrue Sick and Vacation Time

Time off accruals may vary by organizations, country, state, or even city. Or job role, title, seniority ... the list goes on and on. We make it easy to set up the amount of time specific employees should accrue, so both employers and employees are aware of how much time off is available for any team member.

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Fewer Questions for HR Make It Easy for Employees to See Their Time Off

Knowledge is power! That's why our employee leave reports highlight remaining vacation time, sick leave, and any other non-worked hours they have accrued. Never again will you have to answer the question: "How much vacation time do I have?"

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Time Off Matters Permissions, Security, and Controls

Privacy and security are key components of any time off management system. We offer robust access controls and strict permission sets to ensure that only employees — and the right approvers — have access to individual time off information. That's the beauty of time-off tracking software.

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Don't Be Caught By Surprise See Who Is Available to Work Right Now

When employees are on vacation, it can be challenging to know who is available to complete existing projects or take on new work. Our employee availability reports highlight critical employee capacity metrics, allowing your team to make more informed decisions about planning employee time and managing project schedules.

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Easy Bulk Updates Holiday Time Off

Our newest time off feature allows you to easily manage company holidays in one central location! In seconds, you can update all employee timesheets with the paid holiday hours offered by your organization. Holidays can be applied by location or employee role — you can even automatically update company holidays as employees move from part-time to full-time employment! By automatically adding paid time off for Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, or bank holidays, it's much easier to ensure accurate time and payroll information.

Add Holiday to Timesheet

Time Off Tracking and So Much More

Our time off tracker goes beyond vacation and sick leave, and allows you to track employee hours, budgets, expenses, and more! Not only do you get an easy-to-use employee vacation tracker, but you are also able to better manage your entire business!

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Time Off Management Want to Try ClickTime for Free?

We’re obsessed with making businesses better. If you want to manage time off, increase productivity, and staff smarter — we can help. It’s what we do!

Time-Off Tracking FAQ

  • How do I track time off?

    You can track time off by simply entering your hours in the Time Off section of your timesheet. Like all time entries, once submitted, this information will go to your manager for approval.

  • Why track time off?

    Tracking time off helps your organization stay in compliance with various local, state, and federal regulations. Time off reports also surface critical data around employee hours, and highlight which employees are available to take on new work.

  • How is vacation time different than sick time?

    Vacation time and sick time are both benefits provided by businesses to their employees. U.S. federal law does not require that businesses offer these benefits, but it is critical that when provided, they are clearly defined. Paid vacation requires consistent accrual standards for each employee, and must follow state, regional, and local restrictions. Sick leave, or sick time, should be described in your employee handbook and shared with your team. Typically, sick time is used for personal or family mental or physical illness.

  • How do I accrue time off?

    You can set your employee's accrual rate, maximum time off, and starting time off balance on the Personal Defaults page. Simply enter the rate of accrual (how much PTO each employee earns per month), and you should be good to go!