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Manage Employee Time

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“ClickTime's reporting is above and beyond anything else. You can't compare any tool to it.”

—Drithal Kala, Project Manager, Control Gap

On Time, On Budget, and On Top of the World

It’s not just understanding who is working on what. It’s about staying on budget. It’s about making your employee’s lives easier. And it’s about getting the insights you need to run a smarter, faster, and more efficient organization.

Staff Smarter Next-Level Employee Efficiency

  • See who is available to work on new projects
  • Ensure the right staffing levels for existing and pipeline business
  • Increase productivity with easy tools to manage employee utilization
project cost report

Budget Smarter Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Project Budgets

  • Predict employee time and costs required for any project — no matter how large or small
  • Reduce out-of-scope work and ensure everyone is working on the right projects at the right time
  • Manage budget burndown and stop over-servicing with easy dashboards and project reports
screenshot of billing rates for planned tasks and projects

Bill Smarter Understand Project Costs and Ensure Accurate Billing

  • Custom rate cards allow you to bill by project, by hour, by task, and even create exceptions
  • Dynamic billing rates ensure accurate invoicing
  • Understand and analyze the true costs of any task, project, or client engagement

Save Time

Automate and simplify administrative tasks and focus on the work that matters most — managing your team.


Easy Time Off Management

  • Track employee time off
  • Automatically accrue vacation and sick leave
  • Approve and manage time off requests

Easy Timesheet Approvals

  • Send automatic reminders for employees to complete their timesheets
  • Approve timesheets by employee or by project
  • Report on incomplete timesheets, overtime, and out-of-scope work

Streamlined Expense Management

  • Capture receipts with a simple photo
  • Approve employee expenses on your phone or laptop
  • Report on expenses by division, team, project, or employee