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"Our employees genuinely preferred ClickTime. Time entry in ClickTime is intuitive and easy."

—Jeanette Hall, Accounting Manager at Merlin Global Services

An Employee Timesheet for Everyone

ClickTime makes tracking employee hours as easy as humanly possible. Faster, more accurate time entry means more productive employees, more accurate budgets and invoices, and less paperwork.

Mobile Employee Timesheet App

Download our mobile app to easily capture time on-the-go. This way you can track and approve time from your iPhone or Android device — from wherever you are! Bonus: take a picture of your receipts with our app for easy expense reporting and reimbursement.

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Auto-Fill Your Timesheet

ClickTime can understand which projects you are working on, and pre-populate your timesheet with the right information.

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Track Employee Time in Google Calendar

Tracking time in Google Calendar is faster, more accurate, and easier to approve. It allows you to automatically track the your meetings with clients or partners, and it helps to ensure accurate time and billing data for your team.

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Employee Time Tracking in Google Chrome

Automatically track time directly from Google Chrome. This means you can record employee hours in real-time, rather than waiting until the end of day, week, or pay period

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Employee Time Tracking Stopwatch

Easily start and stop tracking time for any activity. Our stopwatch works on iPhone, Android, or your laptop or computer. It's a simple way for employees to record the work they are performing!

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Request and Track Time Off

Easily record time off, request vacation time, and track sick time through our simple employee dashboard. Automatically accrue time off, see available vacation hours, and ensure everyone knows what hours or days employees are out of the office.

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Easy Employee Timesheets

We’re obsessed with making it easy for employees to track their time. Whether you prefer using a mobile app, online timesheets, or tracking time through Google Calendar — we’ve got you covered!