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"ClickTime cut out three full days of work a month. That's a lot of time. Our jaw dropped."

-Krista Snelling, CFO, Inspire Communities

Spend Less Time Tracking Your Work and More Time Achieving Your Goals

Faster time tracking means easy timesheets, an intuitive mobile app, and tools, integrations, and reminders that both employees and managers love to use.

Accurate Time Data

What did you do last month? How about last week? This morning? The longer employees wait to track their time, the less likely it is that the data they record is accurate. That's why it's so important to make time tracking easy, so employees can quickly and immediately enter their hours — and power your business with critical data around project costs and timelines.

Engaged Employees

Ask your team what they think about time tracking, and you can probably guess what they will say — especially if you're using Excel, legacy software, or an in-house solution. "Why are we doing this?" "Why is this so hard?" "Do we have to?" We've spent nearly 20 years building a time management platform that employees love to use and managers can't live without.

Real-Time Reporting

Up-to-date timesheet data (paired of course, with your employee's exact billing and cost rate), opens up a new world of possibilities. From real-time reports on project budgets to staffing levels to notifications for unapproved work. Faster time tracking means immediate access to the data you need take your business to the next level.

We Make It Easy to Record Employee Hours

Yes, ClickTime has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, and online timesheets that make entering time as easy as possible. But there's more. Our Quick Day and Quick Week features make it easy to copy repeat tasks or time worked. Even better, our timesheets can be set up so that only the right projects or tasks are visible for your team. This means that time is not only entered faster, but it helps to ensure accurate entries.

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“ClickTime has changed how we run our business. We have centralized many of our processes, and streamlined those processes with ClickTime's support, ultimately giving 15% more time back to our employees.”

—Elisa Morimoto, Director of Operations at House of Blues Music Forward Foundation

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Timesheet Approvals — Faster Than Ever

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Our automated email reminders give your employees that helpful nudge to complete their timesheets. The best part? You don't have to do anything! Once reminders are set up, employees will receive automated emails (from you or whomever you choose) asking them to complete their timesheets.

Track Time in Google Calendar

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What's faster than entering time on a mobile app? Not entering time at all! Our Google Calendar integration automatically tracks your meetings or other booked events into ClickTime. Interested in tracking time through Google? We've got some tips that make calendar-based time tracking a breeze!

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“Tracking time with Google Calendar makes everything better. There's less of a burden at the end of the day to remember what you worked on.”

—Michael Cwidak-Kusbach, Senior Associate at Third Sector Capital Partners